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NBC touts Olympics viewership amid declines


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… despite declines from viewership in prior years.

True, but every NBC Olympic evening broadcast won that day’s primetime, which is particularly notable when there’s a 14-17 hour time difference to overcome. 

There’s something irreplaceable about a sporting event that’s happening in real time, where you don’t already know the outcome. But to have gotten that experience from this year’s Olympics, the U.S. audience would have often had to stay up past midnight or get up before dawn.

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Lies and more lies......

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Honestly, it was one of the worst closing ceremonies I have ever seen. I thought it was a Tamagawa Hanabi Taikai.

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I'm not religious, but that bit about the love of money being the root of evil? That's right on the button.

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Let's compare not to Rio on the same time zone as the USA but to the Nagano winter Olympics.

Despite the fact winter Olympics get around 10 to 15 million fewer views than summer Olympics Nagano got nearly 10 million more views than Tokyo summer Olympics.

That is sad.

The Tokyo opening ceremony for 15% fewer viewers in japan than Nagano opening ceremony.

I mean when a summer Olympics is beaten this badly by winter Olympics, there is no conceivable way to call them a success.

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You guys don't get it!! No one watches TV anymore!! They are too busy doing other things on social media, if they are watching TV they tune in and turn off after a few minutes. Go to any place where you can buy a TV they are dirt cheap because no one watch anymore!

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I have several friends in the USA. Not one is watching the Olympics. I tried to tell them how good the USA is doing winning many medals, new sports added.... the answer was I don't care about that.

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Makes sense considering US underperforms this year.

Olympics are actually pretty big and hotly debated in China and Russia, but NBC won't profit from them LOL

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I watch the Olympics on a spanish language station,NBC has 99 station

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I have several friends in the USA. Not one is watching the Olympics. I tried to tell them how good the USA is doing winning many medals, new sports added.... the answer was I don't care about that.

That's right and viewership was down by 46% and for many Americans seeing Rapinoe, Gwen Berry and too much emphasis on worker politics and transgenders competing with women in weightlifting was a huge turnoff for millions of Americans and so they decided to just not watch and NBC had some of the worst Olympic viewer ratings ever.

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On the first day, I tried to watch NBC and the online streaming they provide. Was shown a $4.95/month plan. Fine.

Start up the VPN and use an exit location in a different country that streamed every event, fully, no commercials. If I missed an event, there was a "replay" button that worked.

A few days ago, I pointed the Roku at NBC to see what I could see. $4.95/month plan. No thanks.

I did watch about 15 minutes of men's gymnastics one morning - just to see what was on broadcast TV. NBC showed 2 routines, then 5 minutes of commercials.

Effectively, I watched about 30 hrs of diving, but not 1 minute of that was on NBC.

Who do we complain about even commentary to? The IoC appeared to put an idiot with an expert in diving for commentary. The idiot didn't let the expert speak and the expert didn't actually critique any dives in the way that every diver is used to seeing/hearing from their coaches. Both were completely superficial - how much splash was made.

The "idiot" kept talking about the mental aspects to the sport - over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. When you don't have anything to say, just shut up. Please. Sometimes he would mention how high someone jumped claiming it was higher than others. That was clearly not true - it isn't like there is a tower right there were comparisons are easily done for height. Idiot.

In the end, it was easier to mute the audio and watch. I missed Cythia Potter's commentary. She knows what is important in a dive and has the vast, deep, experience from all aspects of the sport to convey that to all levels.

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Watched it on NBC and it totally sucked. Showed everything about America this and America that. Biles, Noah Wiley, Beach Volleyball. The American media kept on saying we have the most medals whereas the rest of the world was counting by the most Gold medals. Granted that Japan is going through the pandemic like everyone else, but the Opening and Closing ceremonies was not well developed, did not make sense, and had no flow, especially the jazz and modern dance routine. I could have seen these things on the street in Japan. Not sure where that fit in and in my eyes did not really tell a story. Overall, glad Japan won gold more than before, but could have seen less of the U.S. and more of other sports that was not U.S. centric here. I remembered I was in China during parts of the Olympics in 08 and each tv channel I watched showed every sport of the Olympics live. Even though I did not understand the language it was exciting to see.

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Go woke.

Go broke.

Go virtue signaling.

Go viewership decreasing.

Go taking the knee.

Go sponsors that flee!

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