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New engine, new rules and new sound for F1 in 2014


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Wow! Thanks for this one JT.

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Yes, THANKS JT for reminding me that it's almost race season and of the new power plants. Will be interesting this year as all the teams will be figuring things out which should make for some interesting battles on the track and in pit lane.

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Woow so lame, no F1 sound anymore

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Exciting times lie ahead my friends... exciting times.

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Good article. A clean slate then. The start of the season will surely be fascinating as everyone tries to iron out their bugs.

The HERS collects heat around the turbo axle. Pirelli say the tyres can lock up with these new engine systems and one lock-up can wear the tyres right through the belting. Expect drama!

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If anyone remembers the old 1.5-liter V-6 turbo engines used in the 1980's, that's what you're going to get this season. It'll be interesting to see which engine manufacturer will come up with a reliable turbo engine now, especially the engineers who worked on those old engines back in the 1980's have pretty much retired.

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Jadranko Pavlotić Woow so lame, no F1 sound anymore

It's true that the turbine reduces the exhaust noise but the old turbo F1 engines were never what you would call quiet.

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I guess F1 has to go "green" in one way or another, but I hope all these changes don't reduce F1 races to mere fuel mileage runs. Having to worry about running out of gas is a great way to destroy racing.

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The cars are even faster with these changes and more sensitive! It is the responsibility of the pinnacle of motorsport to advocate greener technologies because politicians are lousy at convincing the general public. If the FIA says F1 is to be greener, more fuel efficient, and what the hey, a hybrid, then mainstream gear-heads will have no choice but to accept the status quo.

@JohnBecker- i disagree. Conservation of tires, pit-stop and re-fuel strategies are paramount to TEAM RACING. The driver is but one instrument in the ensemble. There have been championships decided by blown tires and running out of fuel on the last lap. The point is that fuel is not limitless. You have to finish the race to win.

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