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New Zealand on track for 3rd straight win at USA Rugby Sevens


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I wish i knew the scoring system of rugby, many of these scores seem terribly one-sided. Is it common for teams to completely dominate their opponents?

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Al yes it is when a minow temas comes against a giant. GO BLACK !! another win please, then onto Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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temas = team

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a try is 5 pts, a kick after the try is worth an extra two. divide the score by 5 and you get a rough idea of tries( touchdowns) scored. Good to see the Japanese boys( literally) get a tough win.

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Glad to see that we- US- are finally getting into this great sport. I played when I was in the Army with servicemen from around the globe and have been a follower ever since.

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Well done Samoa, won the reverse match, the Kiwis were never really in the right mindset this weekend. Roll on Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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Clayton's tournament and still choke..who's surprised ?

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sevens is so much more fun than 15-a-side rugby. I wish it was the dominant game.

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@spudmanreincarnated thanks for the info.

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calm down: look at the world rankings, chokers aren't usually at the top. Get a new soundtrack, you've been playing this one since September.

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Rugby is cool....and to us American Rugby 7's is like 8 man football Arena football....a faster and more open game...

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