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New Zealand says Super Rugby must adapt quickly after South Africa bombshell


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Good luck to them. Not saying better off without them but oversaturation is not a good thing. Travel times to the republic were horrendous and to Oceania, just as bad for them. SKY TV pulls the strings in the Rugby World these days, not Rugby Unions. Time for a rethink of the Pacific Basin setup??

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A good change was needed for Super Rugby and this has been delivered. It makes sense as the time zones are similar between SA and Europe.

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Agreed. Really good time to revamp it. IMO 12 teams at max if you want quality. 5 NZ 4 Aus 2 Arg and 1 Pacifica. Not even sure about Argentina given time zone difference. I wonder if Sanzaar will look to the USA or even Japan again for the audience. The audience down under is just not big enough to bring in the money - especially now SA is gone. Will miss you SA. Some good games. Beeeaaaast

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