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New Zealand Super Rugby player dies after 'medical event'


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People die every day from "medical events." Heart attacks are the biggest killer.

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Sad news. Condolences to his loved ones.

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Very sad, way too young. Does medical event mean that it is medical malpractice?

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Rest in Peace.

Even professional sportsmen sometimes carry life-threatening heart issues. Christian Erikson, for one, luckily survived. Quite a few other pro footballers have sadly passed away on field, such as the late Marc-Vivien Foé


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My elderly neighbor was taken to hospital two nights ago in an ambulance. Do you want to know why I haven't been over there demanding to know what happened to him? The answer is that it's none of my business.

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Unfortunately many athletes, (especially young males) are having 'medical events' and dying in sports at an increased rate.

Especially with cardiac issues such as myocarditis and pericarditis.

Wonder what is causing it?

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Unfortunately many athletes, (especially young males) are having 'medical events' and dying in sports at an increased rate.

Really? You are going to have to come up with empirical evidence to back up that wild claim. (And, no - your "gut feeling" is not empirical evidence. )

Sounds suspiciously like you have an agenda to push.

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Here are three studies that relate to increases in M and P of late, how thay are more prevelant in males and discusses the issues with athletes:




This particular rugby player may have died from a variety of reasons and RIP and condolences to his young family.

Not having one's head in the sand, I guess - in my agenda here.

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