Neymar on fire as Brazil routs Japan 4-0


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Yeah, Honda really sucks at scoring goals doesn't he? Oh wait, he just scored another goal for Milan. Wait, did you say he's leading the team in scoring? But that can't be! According to smith he's too busy kicking the ball into the stands!

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"Japan had at least five clear shots at goal which all missed their mark"

How many of those were shot into the crowd by Honda?

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Maybe as reported the team lacks 'passion'!

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I'm brazilian and I tell you: don't bother commenting and don't fool yourselves watching Neymar's playing virtuosity, brazilian soccer is DEAD. Nobody will ever erase from history what Germany did inside our home during a world cup. While dirty managers pur their hands and and their ass players to make money out of the business the yellow shirt generates, we'll be dead even if we win another 5 world championships.

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Japan had at least five clear shots at goal which all missed their mark. Need accurate strikers.

Time to find a new goalie, too.

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OZken, I am sorry to hear that Australia lost to Qatar??? OH MY GOD!!! Now that is bad!! I hope my paisano, AGUIRRE can help the Japanese team get ready and do some magic on the soccer field!

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Bet Shinji's glad he was out for this one...

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it looked like brazil was playing against a JV squad. it does show you the huge gap between japan/asia and SA footballers.

Yeh, well most of them were inexperienced j-leaguers. still there's no excuse for professionals to just roll over on every challenge.

The D was awful as always

More like the midfield kept giving the ball up easily. Of course its Brazil's main plan to grab the ball and quickly go for goal, and Japan made it easy for them. There's nothing the defense can do when they are left 1v1 against the likes of Neymar.

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No disgrace in conceding goals to Brazil's attacking superstars when you've picked a second string defensive line. What was a concern was that Japan had nothing at all in attack. But the biggest concern and disgrace for me was that Australia lost to Qatar. How pathetic.

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it looked like brazil was playing against a JV squad. it does show you the huge gap between japan/asia and SA footballers.

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Kawashima has gotten worse since playing in Belgium, where his team is strong, but the opposition is worse than J-League level. Time to end your vacation, Eiji. That being said, Neymar was wide open for all 4 of his goals. Obviously Dunga said this was part of the plan to leave him free for goals, but why does every play seem to work easily against Japan?

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Was Japan really expected to win here or do well in the world cups they have taken part in the past? Its like you see it but choose to ignore the obvious disadvantages they have. In almost any sports their formula to advance has been that the best of their potential rivals don't participate due to injuries lack of interest in the vent or similar. Millions of dollars invested in couches from prestigious former winners for the same results have widely proved that!

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No surprises, really. But did they play with "passion".

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The D was awful as always, and Kawashima STINKS!

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Aguirre just needs to fire Kawashima! Why doesn't he catch the ball? Lately, all he does is push the ball away...and it ends up getting kicked into the goal. He sucks!!

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Japan. Stinks.

Watched the match and it was worse than the score says. Neymar could've had 6 goals. It was simply bad football by Japan. There were no positives that could be taken from it. Japan has had a bad offense for some time and they stink.

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