NFL gains ground globally


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Greatest game in the world! Glad to see others finally catching on but let's not change rules or move the Super Bowl outside of the U.S. just to attract more fan$. My Super Bowl bash starts at 7:30 a.m Monday morning and I can't wait. No work for me on one of the most important days on the calendar!!

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Disclaimer: I was a high school American football official for 7 years.

The NFL appears to be desperate to export the game because, as the evidence mounts back in the States regarding the cumulative brain damage incurred by players, the number of kids in the U.S. participating at the youth-level has dropped noticeably. Just today there was another article quoting a report stating that the earlier an NFL player started playing football, the more likely the player will have "cognitive difficulties" after they retire.

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There is great Al Pacino movie abuut this "Any given Sunday". Football is one of the very few chances millions of Ghetto kids have to become someone in a society that is a sucker for US values, and as in the past, most blacks will have to sacrifice their health for it. Its their choice, in the end no excuses count... no problem with that.

I have to admit, I am fascinated by the sport. But lately... I am no longer so impressed. Maybe I see it differently/better or it has always been like that. The kind of tackles that are missed, the balls that are dropped... we are talking about people here that get paid to very few things. Its all so embarassing. The coaches that are blind... Manning and the Broncos got slaughtered by a very small and simple insight. Block the WR at the line of scrimmage for only one second or two, and every single one of those automatic passes from Peyton will be overthrown. And the Bronco's coach was not able to see this and make changes at halftime?

I think the one fact that symbolizes all of the NFL is, that the Saints Coach, who paid his players for intentionally injuring opposition players is allowed to return to the "sport". This "sport" is the equivalent of what was shown in the colosseum in old Rome, no wonder its only really great in the US.

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Before they succeed in exporting it'll probably be played with humanoid bots.

Sure will save on labor costs.

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Does anyone know if the game is on Live on Gaora or BS?

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Yes.... probably both.

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