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NFL playoff schedule


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My team is in, yay!

Super Bowl February 5th at Indianapolis. Brrrrrrrr.... Too samui ne....

Everything stops on Super Bowl day here in US as everyone watches it. Shopping mall, roads, freeway...I mean no nothing, nada. We should change that day as a natonal holiday of USA. Too many would probably call in sick on Feb 6th.. I am ready and firing up for my team! Chaaaarge!

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Three hours of commercials interluded with 15 second action bites, Americans love games where they get plenty of refrigerator breaks. Not surprising the fattest nation in history needs to eat like belugas watching sport.

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Oh yeah, go Saints!

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Meh. I don't watch it unless my team is in the game. And seeing as my team is the Redskins, I won't be watching for a while.

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They aren't "my" team, but the Giants have looked impressive the last few games. They're finally healthy and could surprise a lot of people. Otherwise it is anyone's guess who'll go to the SB. Gonna be some interesting match-ups in a week or two, that's fer sure!

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Not my home team, but as a new part-owner --ha ha, really!-- of the Green Bay Packers:

Go Cheeseheads on the Frozen Tundra!

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lostrune2 Go Pack Go! I'm going to the playoff game in Green Bay!

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