Washington football team bans headdresses, face paint


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But will the players still be able to wear eye black?

Seems to be quite extreme measures. Banning the headdress makes sense, but banning fans from wearing face paint is overdoing it.

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I am not American. However in mu country we also have a history with native peoples, and most of us are descendants of a mix of races.

That being said I see no major problem with the naming of this team ever. As anything it can be taken as anyone pleases. The only thing that should matter is the OBJECTIVE in mind when the name was taken or chosen. If it is to honor the legacy of said culture and culture, what is the problem? It seems the issue here stems from "Redskin" being used as a pejorative term for the natives in the area in the old times. If that was so, it is understandable, but after the years went by, haven't the native peoples assimilated and embraced the name? If they haven't then it would be the problem.

So what do they actually call themselves? Wouldn't taking that name solve the issue.

There being teams named Cowboys, Vikings, Buccaneers, Patriots, Chiefs, Raiders, Braves, Cherokees, Aztecs, and the like, it is for they represent strength, girth, resilience and such, so it is in the same line that the name should be taken.

I saw a documentary of how native communities feel the Washington team was one of the few remaining things in popular culture and society than, even if remotely or bluntly, makes them feel part of society and or serves as a reminder, as a token for society not to forget them.

Seems like a fair reason to leave it as it was to me.

I see more damage in seeing evil where evil does not lie, and feeling that something has been achieved by it. When it absolutely accomplishes nothing for those people. It could otherwise push them more into oblivion. Better use that effort in integrating them better and fuller into society. Talk about minorities in need of support and with real margination. They would be better served by more efforts to make them more conspicuous and noticed and pushing aid efforts and infrastructure, and so much needed peer support and integration. Not bullying a team to change it's name. For crying out loud.

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...and so it begins. From a simple name change to behavior modification. Next step is banning all jerseys and the like with the Redskins logo.

If you dont want to see people doing dress up, dont go to a football game.

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Watch out All Blacks - you’ll be next

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"All Blacks"?!

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@David Brent

Thanks for the video link Bro.

I laughed my arse off

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"We've made significant changes in our organization and our culture, and our new name must reflect these changes," 

With the culture change we are seeing in Washington I expect the new team name will be something like the Washington Bolshevik’s.

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Wearing eye black is not a fashion statement. It is to cut down on reflection in sunshine.

All Blacks is named after the ALL black jerseys and not any culture.

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