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Nishikori beats American teen for 4th straight Memphis title


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Kei-san is in good company after having won Memphis for the fourth time as an active player. (Settle down haters, I AM NOT suggesting that he is in their league !) Just sayin' ! The young Mr. Fritz gave it a good go, looks like. (6-4, 6-4 isn't bad)

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Good job Kei. Go make it a great year one match at a time.

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Well done seeing off future star Fritz.

More here from ATP. http://www.atpworldtour.com/en/news/nishikori-wins-memphis-2016-title

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Good on Nishikori beating the world's 145th, and good on said player, Fritz, for making it so far and doing so well. I agree that he may be a future contender.

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Congrats to Kei Nishikori. It's not easy to win a title four times in a row; especially against a hometown favorite and promising teen who beat Steve Johnson. Bash Taylor Fritz all you want, but the kid has game. He kind of reminds me of teens like Andy Roddick and Micheal Chang who both came out of nowhere beating tennis greats until they got well-known. Kei was also in Mr. Fritz's shoes at one time; shocking the world.

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