Nishikori beats Murray in 5 sets to reach U.S. Open semifinals


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So far so good Nishikori. Well done.

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Let's see, Murray was "distracted" lost his cool, and dropped 7 points in a row because of the "noise". Makes it seem like he was the only one out there. Nishikori had to deal with the same thing.

Nishikori was up 5-3 in the 5th set and nearly blew it too,

They both played amazing tennis and for TODAY Nishikori was the better player. Congrats to him and best of luck moving on, it certainly isnt going to get easier.

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I would still bet on Djokovic winning the title. Nishikori has another tough semi ahead of him, and even if he does get through it would take its toll.

Not a zero possibility though by any means, just less than 50/50.

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Don't know about the Japanese media yet, but this upset is all over on ESPN and the FOX news websites. Lots of articles on Yahoo about the tough five-set upset by Nishikori over Murray and how Nishikori ended Murray's sensational summer.

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Sensational stuff, well done young Kei! I have a feeling this is finally his time - after that epic win, I really cannot see any other player able to stop him. Djokevic is possibly underdone with very little play in this tournament - c'mon Kei, shock the world and win a major! And how about Murray - does he ever stop whining?!

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Nothing against Nishikori, well done to him, but if he goes on to win this tournament the J-media will be insufferable.

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Huge win. Nishikori might be ready to take that last big step.

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It wasn't the noise itself that bothered Murray, it was the umpire stopping play on the point. Four times during the match the defective speakers made noise and play wasn't stopped so Murray was wondering why play was stopped that time.

I can't say Murray tanked the 4th but his heart was definitely not in the match after the umpire stopped play on the point. Seemed to really bother him. Lendl would disappointed.

Murray had a 7-1 head to head result going into the match.

I'm also hoping for a Nishikori/Djoko final. I'll stay up for that one.

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yeah, a stretch to say a point at the start of the 4th set cost Murray the 4th set AND the 5th set. He could have just refocused if he wanted to.

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Andy Murray back to being Scottish again by the English media.

I've heard people say us Scots' idea of a balanced and objective view involves having a chip on both shoulders. I wonder where they got that idea from. (The Daily Mail report on the match made no reference to Murray being Scottish. They referred to him as "Murray". Controversial, eh? )

I listened to the match on the radio, which was a little weird. It seemed both players went through patchy spells. But in the final set, Nishikori seemed to be getting a lot of first serves in while Murray was struggling with his. Well done, Kei.

Off court Andy's a gentleman though.

I agree. And his English is almost as good as Nishikori's (And slightly better than mine.).

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smith, the wording in the article itself was conjecture. No need to make excuses for Murray, he didn't himself.

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I really cannot see any other player able to stop him

Well I guess time will tell then.

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drlucifer, dharmadan, can't you just not watch the J-media if you don't like them celebrating the feats of their J-athletes and J-sportspeople?

how about Murray - does he ever stop whining?!

Definitely not when he's on court :) It's much easier to watch and support guys like Federer and Nishikori who don't go screaming nuts like he does. But hey it's pro sports.

Off court Andy's a gentleman though. I watched his post match presser today and he was pretty circumspect - he noted how he's won a lot this year, and won some tight matches by winning some crucial points, and today a tight match went the other way. His analysis was all spot on.

Nishikori in his presser noted that he agreed with the 4th set let call, because the noise had distracted him during the point. But with all the breaks of serve that were going on, even if he had lost that point it wouldn't have necessarily been the end.

I think the 2nd set rain delay was probably more critical because it gave Nishikori some time to chat with the coaches and change his tactics, without which he might not have won the 2nd set.

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This is a huge win...Murray has been on a roll winning Wimbledon and the Rio Olympics and Murray has had a 8-1 head-to-head win the past nine matches. I believe Kei will win his semi-final match and be in his second grand-slam final later this week. Go Kei!

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The good news for Kei is that del Po and Wawrinka are smashing each other to pieces right now, late into the night :) I'm rooting for whoever wins, to win in 5 very long sets.

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Not 7 points in a row but 7 games in a row. Quite a difference!

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Without having watched the match, I imagine after getting behind in the 4th Murray probably threw the set, trying to save his energy for the 5th?

Wawrinka took delpo in 4 sets. Nishikori beat him here two years ago so it's another match that isn't beyond him. The last time they played in Toronto it seemed to me that Stan had the upper hand before losing the set in a tie break. Then he either threw the second set or was injured cos the second set was all Nishikori.

Should be a tough SF here. Much more on the line. Wawrinka will want some revenge, and Kei will want Stan's 3rd ranking in the ATP points. And they both want that spot in the final.

Fight it out boys!

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Great to see Nishikori win. A true bright light for Japanese sports.

But I happened to be having a haircut today and a daytime "wide show" was on. Some turkey carrying on like - well...a turkey, saying to the effect of "What a little sound can distract him - oh that's weak". The opposite view was put to him, but all the panel and audience and others were laughing.

I thought J media (& viewers) still have a way to go to understand the nuances of international sport. Heaven forbid if it was Nishikori distracted and he lost - the walls would tumble.

But I'm looking forward to seeing a Docko & Kei final. Hoping for a first for him.

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Murray's assault on the poor butterfly is getting some press too.

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after a loud noise from a malfunctioning sound system interrupted a key point, resulting in a do-over. Whether or not the gong-like sound, and chair umpire Marija Cicak’s let ruling, was the reason that Nishikori wound up coming back to win 1-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1, 7-5.

This kind of report was disrespectful to Kei-chan.

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Ganbarre, Kei-san ! Two more matches !

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The J-Media already on overdrive.

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Andy Murray back to being Scottish again by the English media.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Chop Chop: "This kind of report was disrespectful to Kei-chan."

If you choose to see it as such, yes. Or it could also just be a report of the facts.

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Bad luck for Murray with the sound system. It may well have been why he lost, but these kind of things happen to people and teams all the time, sometimes for you, sometimes against. Not much point arguing what would have been had it not happened.

Good on Nishikori for making it through. Definitely had his work cut out for him with this one, and got a bit of revenge for the Olympic loss against Murray.

As for the J-media, agreed. I'm starting to hear the bandwagon fans jumpin on again and loving tennis (hated it last tournament). I just put it on mute if I watch the game, or else just read about it later if it becomes bad enough.

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Nicely done by Nishikori.

Murray continually makes it tough to like him, even when he's in the right.

fxgai: It's much easier to watch and support guys like Federer and Nishikori who don't go screaming nuts like he does.

You apparently missed Federer's younger years.

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