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Nishikori beats Tsonga to reach Australian Open quarterfinals


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Well played Mr.Nishikori! That Tsonga bloke goes alright so it's a pretty big achievement. It seems Kei thrives in the hot Aussie conditions. I reckon he will beat Murray too, neither have a power game so no worries about getting belted by a big serve and I think Kei's stamina will win out. Pretty soon Japanese kids everywhere will be running around with racquets, I predict it will be next boom sport here - especially if he makes the Final! He has been slashed to 126-1 to win the thing, so pretty good value for all the Nishikori freaks out there...

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Looks like there's a Kei hater on here with the thumb down... you must be hating the kids' success! LOL

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It sounds like it was a tough 5-setter, but then fatigue will be getting to all the big guns. Guys like Federer, Nadal, and Djoko have all gone to finals before, so it'll be a big ask for Kei to join them in the semis this time, but there is absolutely hope! Ganbare Kei!

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Great going Kei! The next match against Murray will be a tough one. Murray is pretty good at placing his shots where he wants to. However, Kei shouldn't have any pressure at all since he's basically playing with house money and has gone farther than anyone has expected him to.

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BD,you sounding like those Date lovers,who know she should retire,but somehow feel inspired only cuz of her age. Kei is alright,till he gets injured,but he's not prime time.Murray in 4 at worst.

Nah - I just love to see "the little guy" , the underdog get up sometimes and win. As do most of my fellow Aussies - which is why Kei will have most of the crowd on his side against Mr.Murray. Can Murray handle the heat - physically and mentally? We know about his record of "mental disintegration" in big games...

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Well done Nishikori! You brought another joy to Japan in a difficult times like these. Play your best game against Murray, you have nothing to lose! You are already a winner by reaching the quarter finals! The pressure is not on you!

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Not very surprising considering he is used to beat Tsonga, but it was really fantastic to watch. The next round is going to be very difficult though, Murray is a lot fresher. But I believe !

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