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Nishikori carrying weight of history at U.S. Open


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Good luck to him and all the other players. Seems like it could be anyone's game, and they should all be proud.

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I wish Nishikori the best of luck. He is going to need it. It would be great to see Nishikori pull off one of the biggest upsets in tennis history.

Lawrence Klepinger

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The match is scheduled for 11 AM Sat, Sep 6 EDT (in Japan: 13 hours later, or midnight). The final is set for Monday 5 PM EDT (in Japan: Tue, Sep 9 at 06:00).

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Born in Japan raised in the US came to the US at the age of 14 I think and have trained and lived in the US ever since good job Japan

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Nishikawa and Djokovic are both sponsored by Uniqlo. I bet if you took a survey of Uniqlo employees that the majority are pulling for the "slim-shouldered" underdog. Go Kei!

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Go get 'em, Kei-san! It will be a tough task, but as Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right. " Ganbarre, Kei-san !

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Shimane power! Cheering a native of my adopted home prefecture

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congrats! first ever grand slam final!!!

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Way to go kei!

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The hopes of a nation rest on the slim shoulders of Kei Nishikori,

Oh, please! Don't put that "hopes of a nation" load on the kid. If he wins great! If he doesn't, he went farther than many other US Open competitors. The "nation" will not be enhanced or degraded by his conduct during the tournament. Everyone, including Japan, should be proud of him regardless of his performance during the finals.

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"The hopes of a nation....."

Tennis is highly individualist sport. In a grand slam, the player's country has nothing to do with the competition, especially in the case of Nishikori, who trained in the US.

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