Nishikori reaches 4th round of Australian Open


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Way to go, Kei-san ! Hang in there !

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You got this Nishikori! Go Japan!

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It's not Japan. He's Nishikori Kei, an individual human being.

Nationalism in sport is truly obnoxious....

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Congrats to Nishokori! I have a feeling he's going to do quite well. I have to admit I was worried when I checked in part way after the match started and he was struggling, but glad to see he turned it around. Federer was a big shocker yesterday, so good on Nishikori for not making this a shocker, too. And good on Johnson for that matter -- ranked WELL below his opponent but put up a good fight.

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go kei!

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lucabrasi: Just wondering: which country you hail from, where "Nationalism in sport is truly obnoxious?" I inquire because I have yet to travel to the country where nationalistic love for one's locally-born players and international sports competition don't fit hand in glove. It goes way back to the dawn of time, I'm pretty sure. Call it a tradition, or if you wish...obnoxious!

Perhaps you're merely extrapolating your own personal wishes on the rest of the world? If so...good luck with convincing the other 99.99% who think and root otherwise!!

Sorry for being so "obnoxious," but in the "Australian" Open, I say, Go Kei and Go Japan!

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What Nishikori has is a great variety of shots.

The power serve is fine, but not enough to see a smaller player through.

Years of practice, a great coach and a good shot of confidence are paying off.

It is a pleasure to watch him and wonderful to have someone like him to cheer for.

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@smith - Steve Johnson is (will be) the real thing !He was a prolific player at USC, where one of the stars on his resume is a 72 match consecutive winning streak! And to join almost everyone else, Go Kei-san, Ganbarre, Nippon !

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