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Nishikori reaches new milestone at French Open


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Wife just told me if you want to watch him you have to pay WOW WOW.

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Wife just told me if you want to watch him you have to pay WOW WOW.

Internet streaming is easy to find any live sports

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Tokyo TV has broadcast rights for Roland Garros, so you need not pay.

Tsonga is always fun to watch, should be a good match. And Tsonga on his day is capable of beating anyone, so Kei will have to be on top of his own game.

With Berdych knocked out, and Nishikori advancing, we can also look forward to reading about him having jumped back into 4th ranked player in the world, the next time the rankings are updated after this tournament is over.

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Good on him. I didn't think Gabashvili would be any competition given that he's 74th in ranking and was probably saving his energy for the next tournament. From here on in it should be more fun. Good luck to all those who have progressed.

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Wow! I smell a tournament cup victory coming for this guy soon.

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He's getting better and better at the amazing pace. :D

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I wish him the best !! GO GO NISHIKORI!!

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@smith probably saving his energy for the next tournament.** comon smith that excuse is so yesterday, now its "clay isnt my best surface"

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Gabashvili really did his best, but Kei was on fire!

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Ganbarre, Kei-san !

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