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Nishikori reaches semifinals in Argentina


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I don't think I've heard of any of these other players. Is there anyone challenging in the tournament? I'm glad the "clay is not his enemy" anymore, though... well, until he loses (IF he loses). Hope he doesn't, though. The fans need a little something as even the die-hards are starting to lose hope.

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Another Nishikori win, another utter nonsense comment from Nishikori-hater number 1.

The words of Eugenie Bouchard were so true!

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Thank you very much, @fxgai ! As another ATP and WTA season gets started the "haters" are out in full force ! The key point in the comments above is "I don't think . . . ." Dolgopolov is going to be great ! Look forward to seeing the possible final between he and Kei-san. Ganbarre, Kei-san ! Gotta love tennis !

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Not thinking and just the ignorance evident in the first sentences of the comment... I hope it wasn't ignorance and just a sad attempt to troll.

Nishikori v Dolgopolov confirmed in the final, but the former world #13 has never beaten his buddy Kei.

And then on to Rio, where the world number 5 is again top seed.

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It's an interesting schedule choice for Nishikori to go down to South America and grind it out on clay with Indian Wells and Miami coming up. I like Nishikori but I will never call him "Kei-san" like he is a close friend of mine.

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You call your close friends "san"??

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I think it would be clearer to refer to Joao Sousa as the sixth seed, rather than number six. I thought it was his ATP ranking and I was really confused because I've never heard of him.

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