No end in sight for Wimbledon queue


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A grand tradition if you're a local, perhaps. It'd be a nightmare for the many people who are interested in traveling overseas to attend.

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We are local and it is a mixed blessing. Local businesses do a roaring trade. Traffic gets snarled up, even worse than usual, so however you travel, even by tube, you need to consider times and routes. Generally there is a lot of good humour around, though.

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It’s a great day out and if you get there in the first week there are great matches and big players on all the courts.

Ariake could well do with taking some tips in how to host a tennis tournament. Why not even make it a grass tournament to make it stand out more?

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I queued almost all day for a ticket and it was not fun in the least. Along the way there are caravans selling unhealthy and disgusting hamburgers and hot dogs at restaurant prices. Sandwiches were no better. Then approaching the gates they've put a makeshift exhibition giving the story of Wimbledon that was so dull I didn't see anyone glancing at it. Then you get to the gate and it's another hour to get through security. Anyone who says it's fun hasn't got a life

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Those who love it enough will go thru the hardship anyway

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