No fear for confident Nishikori against stars


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For me, I dont feel any fear to play them any more after beating them a couple times.

To give this Kei-love-affair article perspective, Kei has a career 15-29 record vs top 10 players/ Since July 2013 he has a slightly better (yet still losing) record vs top 10 players at 6-9. Finally in his last 10 matches vs top 10 players he has a 5-5 record. Kei has a long long way to go. Clearly the arrival of Chang has helped but I doubt he ever gets a sniff at a Major final.

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Bravo, HowardStern. Usually I'm the lone member of the "Nishikori isn't as great as most people here think" bandwagon. The article kindly mentions his 2-2 vs. Federer and 1-1 vs. Djokovic records, but conveniently forgets to mention that he's 0-7 vs. Nadal, 0-3 vs. Murray, and 0-2 vs. Wawrinka. He's a decent player who doesn't have what it takes to consistently compete against the big guns on tour. To be fair, most people don't - this is a historic time for men's tennis with a handful of some of the game's best-ever battling it out. But count Nishikori among the people who have been and will continue to be buried by the top players. Even though he has 3 wins vs. Fed and Djoker, none of them happened at a Grand Slam.

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Go get 'em, Kei-san ! You got the right attitude anyway. Do your best, and see you in Cincy in a couple of weeks !

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The Original Wing, HowardStern, actually i totally agree with both of you. Nishikori a great player probably Japans best so far but as for winning a major or challenging/beating the top 4-5 players consistantly.... I somehow doubt it.

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