No gold as passive Japanese judo pair disqualified in final

By Jack GUEZ

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wow! Is this "fight" on youtube?

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Just watched it. Like two old ladies dancing.

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Found it here: https://youtu.be/i5fVFbke5bI?t=2h4m . The judo federation had streamed it live on YT

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Yep, & nowhere to be seen on Japanese commercial TV. That says something in itself.

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tooheysnew: "Yep, & nowhere to be seen on Japanese commercial TV. That says something in itself."

Replaced by Olympic gold medal reruns, no doubt.

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Found it here: https://youtu.be/i5fVFbke5bI?t=2h4m .

That link is next to useless. It's blocked in Japan. Probably too embarrassed to show it in Japan. Try this:


Commentator: Ojitani doesn't know what's going on.

Either he's as thick as two planks, or he takes the audience for fools.

Didn't Blinky Ishihara once complained that gaijin judokas were fighting dirty like beasts? Where's he now?

Instead of not disturbing the wa, and hoping both get gold, neither get it. I don't see how they could get silver if they were disqualified. They should have been awarded copper medals.

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I have to agree with Pukey2. Not putting up a fight in a gold medal match should have had them both disqualified from any medal. I have two friends, both high-level judo practitioners/coaches, and they thought the bout was disgraceful.

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OH COME ON - they were just trying to be liberal. the latest craze...

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