No-nonsense masks, strict bubble: What to expect from China's Winter Olympics


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I would boycott these games.

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Let's see what Canadian opinion is. You know . . . since China kidnapped two Canadian citizens and held them as diplomatic hostages.

This is from a Columnist two weeks ago in The Peterborough Examiner in Peterborough, Ontario, in Makes no sense to allow China to host Winter Olympics:

China certainly does not deserve to host one of the world’s premier sporting events. Its incompetent handling of the COVID virus resulted in one of the worst worldwide pandemics. For Canadians, China’s kidnapping of Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor and holding them in hostage diplomacy is indefensible.


If businessmen want to deal with China, and tourists want to willingly go there, so be it. They are doing so knowing the risks. But world sports organizations scheduling international events in the country is nothing more than condoning China’s inhumane ways. Since it is unfair for the athletes to have countries boycott the Olympics, the worldwide exposure of the Games should be used to condemn China.

Men’s hockey will be one of the most watched events from China. The Canadian players will have opportunities to tell the world how most fellow country people feel about the Chinese’ obviously retaliatory detention of the two Canadians.China is hoping that a successful Olympics will mask the atrocities they are committing as Hitler did with the 1936 Berlin Games.

Maybe the most effected recourse against the Chinese actions will be a subtle, well orchestrated verbal condemnation of their methods through media at their Games. Who better to deliver it than our hockey stars who will not buckle under the Chinese bullying like our politicians and bureaucrats?

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Seems like a lot of effort for these athletes to train really hard and then basically sit in a Chinese prison for 1 month to perform in the genocide Olympics that a large number of people will boycott.

It would be better to sit this one out.

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What to expect from China's Winter Olympics

Cover ups over the mass genocide of Muslims ; corruption; media censorship; dropkick selfish athletes who think they are "special"; declarations from the IOC that it was "the best ever" Olympics.

All this and more.

Boycott the Genocide Games 2022.

Target, picket and endlessly harass ALL athletes from around the world who attend, starting with LOSER "Dutch speed skater and Youth Winter Olympics champion Isabel Grevelt".

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"This venue is grand and gorgeous, the pandemic prevention measures make me feel safe," said Isabel Grevelt, a Youth Winter Olympics champion from the Netherlands.

Xinhua, October 12, 2021

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Seems like the Chinese were able to influence two dutch athletes. Their propaganda is mainly for use within China to tout to their own people.

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