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Non to English at Paris Olympics, say French MPs


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In a resolution adopted on Thursday, the lower house of parliament urged organizers of the 2024 Paris Games, as well as athletes, trainers and journalists to use French as much as possible.

Oh grow up, stop the snivelling, French is beautiful, the language of love.

You are embarrassing yourselves and your country

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je ne comprends pas.

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Hate to bring this up, but they wouldn't even be speaking French in France right now (they'd be speaking German!) if it weren't for troops from English-speaking countries like the USA, the UK, and Canada driving Hitler's armies out of France in 1944-45.

France has agreed to host a prominent international event. As such, they have to be open to more linguistic flexibility.

When the Games are all over, they can be as "French only" as they want.

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I say non to the IOC.

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French is not the international language that it was once anymore.

Canada hosts international competitions in Quebec every year. They handle it nicely. Every other competitor is announced in French along with their scores. 50/50. French/English. I find it charming. Visiting any country, I'd expect to know enough of the main language there to count to 10 and say street addresses. It is also a little fun to see French people get frustrated with my attempts, then answer in English.

When visiting someone else's home, do you try to communication in the way they like best? I don't think average French people really care THAT much. The attempt is what matters. Like people everywhere, when they are busy, they will already know by our clothing where we are from and assume English.

Quo: The USA may not exist if if wasn't for the French aid in our revolutionary war. WW2 wasn't repayment for that, but I'd call it even. I've always enjoyed visiting southern France and find the people mostly kind, accommodating, and helpful. The greatest part of France is the French people who put up with their govt.

If you don't want to speak any French, hire an interpreter or buy a device to translate for US$100. https://www.timekettle.co makes some of these devices that work offline for $50 - $500. 40 languages and 93 accents. The $50 device needs a smartphone. Japanese, English and French are supported. Think each added language is $10, so about $80 for those three. I've used google translate online and it is barely adequate when there's no other choice. I understand that newer $600 Pixel phones and new high-end Samsung phones have offline translation built in thanks to new language processing chips included. I've been stuck without any internet in places that I can't speak the language a few times. I muddled through with lots of pointing, counting and facial expressions. Almost like a game of charades, sometimes.

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Hate to bring this up

Your point wasn’t really relevant anyway. You needn’t have bothered.

Annie Genevard, the conservative sponsor of the resolution, expressed alarm to fellow MPs that "the Olympic Games reflect the loss of influence of our language."

And inconveniencing people is the best way to restore the influence of French?

More likely to switch people off.

When I was a kid at school in the UK, we could choose between French, Spanish and German. My dad ( extremely well travelled ) advised me to study Spanish as it was more widely spoken. I listened to him

Nice one, dad.

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If you don't speak French, you are not part of the elite...

In Roma, do as the Romans do.

Just also know that English takes more than 30% from the French, not the other way around.

Languages, all of them are part of a culture and it's best to keep them all, whatever size of speakers.

And one rule of the Olympics is French as official language. So just need to respect that rule, nothing more.

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the purity of their language


My English is very impure. Nothing worse than that dull RP English.

In the UK, I like the full-on snob stuff and the pleb stuff. The former is funny and the latter is colourful.

Aren’t there the same ‘impure’ dialects within France?

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So are they going to call it Les Olympiques then?

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The historical irony of the French complaining about the English Language.

If 14th October 1066 had gone the way of the Anglo-Saxons instead of the Norman-French, us English would be speaking something closer to Frisian.

It was their invasion, and dominance over English for 300 years that made English what it is today.

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It was their invasion, and dominance over English for 300 years that made English what it is today.

Well, none of the French alive were here 300 years ago... so It's some dead guys invasion and dominance.

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And correct.

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So are they going to call it Les Olympiques then?

Probably not. French is one of the two official languages of the IOC, so if they were going to change the name, they probably would have done it a long time ago.

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the Olympic Games reflect the loss of influence of our language.

Well maybe, stop being so condescending of people trying to learn and speak your language.

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Annie Genevard, the conservative sponsor of the resolution, expressed alarm to fellow MPs that "the Olympic Games reflect the loss of influence of our language."

It's not that. It's more like the loss of influence of the French.

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A de rigeur reaction from the French, but a bit of a faux pas. They should have a more laissez-faire attitude to communication. By making this a cause celebre they are just going into a cul-de-sac. A little more sang-froid attitude will help them find that joie de vivre they are famed for.

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The French are just upset that the English Language is the world's defacto business Language.

Suck it up France and Participate on the world stage, after the Olympics are over go ahead with your French-only policy in France.

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The allies of the French are openly mocking them. Interesting.

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ClippetyClop: Excellentes notes, monsieur!

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French hasn't been influential in a long time. Make sure there are no english directions for public transportation while you are at it

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Yeah. I speak English. So everyone else should. France, Japan, Russia, and even Vatican City should learn how to speak English. I hate when there's a foreign language. English. All the way. Every time. Any where. English only. I hate when signs are in some other language. Or when I have to learn little phrases like "where's the toilet" or "Hello." Who do these people think they are? They should learn to speak English.

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the french (yes, the french, not only the french-gov) are so insecure about loosing the purity of their holy language. languages evolve, and change, and sometimes disappear, so deal with it. it is true that english dominates, and what's bad about that? and if you host an international event, don't force your language protection laws and punishments on others. i find japanese society in this sense the best, they just adapt and don't fret (e.g. makudonaldo)

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Stupid to think that more people will be interested in learning a language by forcing it. I have met quite a few French people that were surprised how little French other people understood, all this due to French speaking countries trying to push it as some kind of global language. Reality is that it's number 5 on most languages used, and most of those people are in Africa, which most people will never go to. Take away that and you go even further down the list.

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"You can't overlook the fact that many global sports events that are broadcast globally have chosen to use English for their communication, in their titles, slogans and advertising," Culture Minister Rachida Dati told parliament.

Many global sports got popularized in English-speaking countries!

Of course they'd be using sports terms in the language where it got popular

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