2 Koreas to meet in 2022 World Cup qualifiers; Japan faces Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Mongolia


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Can’t wait for it to start. Go the soccer Roos

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Go the soccer Roos

Mate. It's one word. Socceroos.

Now that we've got that right, Go The Socceroos. And watch out for Jordan, they can be tricky.

Japan's group doesn't look too bad, but North vs South Korea? One bad refereeing decision, and it could be World War Three.

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The soccer Roos probably have more chance of qualifying than the Socceroos...

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Going to be fun! Shame that the two Koreas face each other in the qualifiers -- it'll probably have an effect on relations when NK (in all likelihood) loses.

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But I thought both Koreas love each other and wave their unification flags at the Olympics? Now people are saying this will risk their relations? So the unification promo at the Olympics was fake?

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North Korea v Turkmenistan. That sounds like an interesting match.

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TigersTokyoDome: "But I thought both Koreas love each other and wave their unification flags at the Olympics?"

Usually you don't have to point out such obviousness to people, but given the bias, I will: This is not the Olympics, friend. This is the WC. You do know they are not the same, right?

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