Notorious Finnish ski jumping ace Nykanen dead at 55


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lennä Nykäsen Matti, lennä...

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Aptly nicknamed The Flying Finn. Nykanen's the reason many euro kids watched ski jumping in the 80s. Back then, Rosberg, Vatanen & Nykanen were household names all across europe.

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Eddie the Eagle set a better example....except on the ski slopes!

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Wow, that's really young. RIP, Flying Finn.
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Loser that only Finns remember. Glory is fleeting.

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Why so much hate?

Nykanen made ski jumping popular worldwide.

His private life is ... his private life and is not our business.

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Open Minded....don't be so open minded that your grey matter falls out of your skull! Nykanen and JT made his private life our business when he committed acts, illegal and otherwise that got reported. Else, why are we even talking about this story? Never actually heard of the guy before. But JT saw fit to report a story about some obscure Finn who was popular because he won some trinkets decades ago cuz he could jump on snow. Yawn. I think any superficial story remotely connected to the Olympics will be played up in the next year by the media. Double yawn. Sorry for his family however.

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So you are judging someone you do not know based on a JT tabloid style article about his private life. It says all. Nothing to add.

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Yes, I am judging someone I don't know based on a JT tabloid style article about his private life. So what? Do you dispute the facts mentioned in the article?

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It saddens me that some people here don't even have the decency to be respectful to people who just passed away...

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Convicted woman-beater. Enough said.

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