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NZ beats Springboks 19-17 in scrappy match to win Rugby Championship


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The "world champion" Bore-Boks played the only style of rugby they know, and lost (third in a row) to an error prone, bad decision making team that put in their worst performance of the season so far.

Any time there was a passage of play that lasted for longer than 20 seconds, which wasn't often due to the Boring Bok's abysmal style of play, or when NZ was on attack, a South African front rower would fake an injury at the first break in play. The All Blacks were losing at the set piece, failing to deal with the Bore-k's one and only tactic - kick the ball high - and turning down kickable points at every opportunity, and they still couldn't win.

It's no wonder rugby is bleeding supporters, this being the standard we can expect from the "world champions." It's cynical, unprofessional, and very uninspiring.

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NZ couldn't have played a dumber game. When their plan A goes pear shaped, they don't know what to do.

Ample penalties that would have put points on the board to put pressure on SA to respond with tries, were squandered.

A 78th minute penalty kick was what saved them from a total farce.

High school teams have a better grasp of game management than these big dollar drop kicks.

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Spring Bores need to go home and stay there until they decide they want to play the game in good spirit and with a view to entertaining spectators. Saddest world champion team ever.

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That was a horrible game of rugby to watch - South Africa's tactics were effective but killed the game as a spectacle. The All Blacks made way too many errors and were just lucky that Jordie Barrett was on song with his boot.

The All Blacks turned down several kickable penalties, which they should have taken. If the Boks were forced to play catch up, the All Blacks would have found it much easier to break them down.

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