NZ test cricket batsman Ross Taylor makes racism claim in new book


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In Oz the whites are even racist towards white Kiwis. 

White on white "racism"? By definition, thats not a thing - they are the same race.

Im afraid you will need to define this in a different way rather than jumping on the "racism" bandwagon.

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On the one hand I have no doubt that he faced racism given the experiences of former West Indies fast bowler turned coach Franklyn Rose in New Zealand.

On the other hand, I am sure that his autobiography will receive a sales boost.

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Jeans and T-shirtAug. 11  04:58 pm JST

I removed 'such words' and was deleted again. I guess it's simply not acceptable to point out anti-white racism on an article about anti-Maori/Pasifika racism.

Similar experiences go two-way in Hawaii, Guam, for example. I can see that.

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“Other players also had to put up with comments that dwelt on their ethnicity. In all probability a (white New Zealander) listening to those sorts of comments would think ‘oh, that’s okay, it’s just a bit of banter.'

“But he’s hearing it as white person and it’s not directed at people like him. So there’s no pushback; no one corrects them.

“Then the onus falls on the targets. You wonder if you should pull them up but worry that you’ll create a bigger problem or be accused of playing the race card by inflating harmless banter into racism. It’s easier to develop a thick skin and let it slide, but is that the right thing to do?”

“Let me be clear: I don’t think for one minute that they were coming from a racist perspective. I think they were insensitive and lacked the imagination and empathy to put themselves in the other person’s shoes.

If you're white, can ya imagine putting yourself in their shoes

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@ K3PO, It is you that have made the poor assumption Pal. He's talking about the NZL environment only.

He's lucky that he was not an Aussie cricketer. In Oz the whites are even racist towards white Kiwis. There are thousands of jokes about Kiwis and their relationships with sheep. My neighbours are Kiwis and I observe them good-naturedly reacting to all the racist jibes that they receive from Skippies.

Racism against Kiwis is institutionalised here. They pay taxes but have to pay extra for doctors, schools and hospitals, and if they own a house they are not covered by disaster payments for cyclones, floods, or fires.

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“Cricket in New Zealand is a pretty white sport,” Taylor writes in his book, entitled “Black & White."

When you have India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Windies playing the sport, he's made a poor assumption.

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Racism is rufe in New Zealand. Due to its size and distance from North America and Europe, this issue receives little attention.

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