Obstruction call gives Cardinals win in World Series Game 3


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頑張って! Cardinals

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GO BO SOX ! ! ! You can do it !

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What an ending!

Right call though.

Farrell should had double-switched pitcher Workman to give Napoli a chance at bat top 9th, and thus had Uehara pitch immediately bottom 9th.

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That leg kick was as pathetic as A Rod slapping the ball out of Arroyo's hand. AL can't help being cheats, Go Cards!

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A couple more fun facts - before last night:

The last time a pitcher batted in the 9th inning of a World Series: 1977

The last time a World Series game ended on an error scoring a run: 1986 (Game 6, yes Boston remembers that too, went thru Buckner's legs)

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That was one of the wildest endings to a baseball game I've seen in many years. Despite a lot of cries of "don't let the official on the field of play decide the game!", it was the right call because it was just so clear some sort of interference happened.

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Great defensive play by the 2nd baseman to get the out at home. The catcher seemed to pause just a second before he threw to third. Maybe that was the difference.

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Watching that Red Sox pitcher "batting" in the 9th was bizarre! And the ending even more bizarre! What would have happened if Salty never tried the throw to 3rd? Well never know! And why didnt the Cards pinch run for Craig? He looked injured after sliding into home! Anyway, Uehara didn`t look so untouchable. Great drama!!!

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