Ohtani's Fenway debut a success with 11 Ks, RBI in 8-0 rout


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@go and rainy--funny stuff and kudos for keeping it collegial.

I think the old timey shorthand is just diehard fans signaling their fandom. For example, Cubs fans are known for flying an archaic font W flag on the increasingly rare days when they win a game. It is something visual, not spoken or heard. Nobody says we doubleyoued the game. Likewise, announcers rarely say K as it is too slangy, and plenty of fans follow suit. It is believable that gogogo knows standard announcer-speak and not all the arcane codes.

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I like baseball, just never heard it called that :)

Sorry for questioning you on that. Little baseball trivia for you there.

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Lots of exciting teams to watch. Happy Mike Trout finally has a winning team. Ohtani...what an amazing competitor!

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I like baseball, just never heard it called that :)

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Ohtani has a great combination of pitches and it's so confusing for the batters. Sometimes it's 100 mph and other times it's moving all over the place at 80 mph. This is a true artist at work on the pitcher's mound. Oh, and can he can also hit as well as the best of them. He really is a modern day Babe Ruth. Home runs, check. Base hits, check. Bunting, check. Speed (one of the top 5 sprinters in MLB from home plate to first base), check. Stealing bases, check. Fielding, check. Pitching, oh yeah, check. Yeah, he can do it all. If Ohtani can remain healthy and injury free, there's no telling what he's about to do.

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@gogogo. If you watch a game you can also see a backwards K. That indicates a strikeout looking (no swing on the third strike), as opposed to a regular K

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Never heard of a strike called a K

Not much of a baseball fan, then?

First, a strike is not a "K". A strikeout is a K. These are two different things (you need three of the former to get one of the latter).

Second, a strikeout has been referred to as a K since the 19th century (thanks to "S" already being used as an abbreviation for "sacrifice" they had to use a different letter for "strikeout"). Its a pretty common abbreviation, Dwight Gooden in the 80s was nicknamed "Dr. K" for example.

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Never heard of a strike called a K

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Congratulation to a fantastic performance.

Not sure how long he can keep doing this, though. Starting pitchers need a rest.

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