Ohtani bids farewell to Japanese fans ahead of Angels adventure


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Sunday's 60 Minutes TV show aired another piece about Ohtani. It can be seen in its entirety at

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Angels does not rush injured players to field even when it may lose games. When Trout rushed to slide to second base stealing attempt, he went to disabled list for many days while Angels was losing. Almost all of current starters had DL for long time. He will be well treated. He can visit Disneyland after his plane landed to John Wayne Airport. Trout's finger injury is healed and Ohtani can have a rest now. One thing, there is no snow in Christmas.

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Not just Trout but his teammate include Albert Pujols who is a member of 600 Homerun Club. 600th was Glandslam last season. Ohtani will be replacing him as DH. Ohtani will be welcomed by Angels and fans.

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When the news that he was signed by Angels, there was confusion in media.

The name of the team is Los Angeles Angels.

So,many reported Los Angeles Angels in Los Angeles.

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Ohtani, the reigning Pacific League MVP, threw one final ceremonial pitch from the Sapporo Dome mound.

He's not the reigning PL MVP anymore. Dennis Sarfate is.

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Toshiko: When the news that he was signed by Angels, there was confusion in media.

Sounds like only you are confused.

In any case, he need only promise the J-fans he'll be back in a few years after no one wants him on the DL anymore. DOesn't he already have wear and tear in the shoulder?

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@smith: CNN, Fox sports two channels, MSNBC all reported the confusion. And Japanese sport announcers asked where Angels is located. Start watching US news channels and baseball gams.

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@smith: I have houses in Japan, but have been living in Orange County in summer to watch Angels. Winter, in Vegas area.

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Ohtani might miss Sapporo in winter. There is no snow in Anaheim in winter. But he can watch Micky, Minnie and Donald.

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Japanese players do not go back to Japan after they enjoyed playing in USA. The Hall of Famer Suzuki wants to be in USA. Darvish had Tommy John Surgery but stayed with Rangers and now with Ddgers. Maeda is with Dodgers, too. Tanaka is enjoying as the top Ace in Yankees. The way Angels created player-pitcher opportunity given to him, he will stick around in USA. MLB might increase this type of opportunity to young foreign pitchers. He will. Pitch but when he is not pitching he performs DH. This enables Pujols can be a first base defender. For two seasons he was DH.

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toshiko: "Japanese players do not go back to Japan after they enjoyed playing in USA"

What on earth are you talking about? Almost ALL Japanese players wash out of the Majors in the US and get sent back to Japan, where they play again and are welcome with open arms. There have been some 55 or so Japanese players who have played in the MLB, and most have returned home. The few you mention are still active, and may still come back after their injuries force the managers to get tired of the bench warming. Dice-K is an example of that.

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@smith: I wrote some names. Write names. There are community of baseball retirees in Newport Beach and Laguna Beache.

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There will be spring training pretty soon. Ohtani will join.

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Why many Japanese players want to stay in USA after they retire?

Suppose their wives are Americans and their children grew in USA and attended to USA schools.

Back to Ohtani. He will be a pitcher but when he is not on pitching day, he will be a regular player as a DH. He has a big chance to. hit homerun. And Pujols can be back to first base defender. He was OK as DH but players assigned to first base often missed to catch ball threw by other infielders. Scioscia cleverly created this new kind of assignment ion Ohtani.

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