Ohtani delivers on mound, at plate as Angels top Diamondbacks 6-5


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"Everybody loves a winner!"

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This report fails to mention that Ohtani didn’t get the win. Kind of an important detail to omit.

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This report fails to mention that Ohtani didn’t get the win. Kind of an important detail to omit.

With all those positives, let's look for something to bash.

No, they didn't mention that Otani didn't pick the win, but if you read you will see,

Alex Claudio earned his first save of the season by getting the final out when Stephen Vogt struck out on a check swing with two on. Arizona lost its eighth in a row.

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I have seen Ohtani hit and pitch, and he is very impressive. I can only imagine what it is like to be that talented. He has the potential to end up in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but that would be far in the future.

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garymalmgren: "With all those positives, let's look for something to bash."

What's wrong with pointing out the game was a loss and that the report doesn't mention that? This isn't North Korea -- you can still like the guy while pointing out that he didn't win the game. Anyone who demands you ONLY praise people not only does not TRULY like them, they don't have any respect for them, either. It is his ability that makes him great, and his skill in overcoming the odds. If he were perfect, praise would mean nothing.

The daily news devoted 20 minutes to this guy today -- and not one moment of when he has been down to bolster how great he is when he is up. Just hollow, vapid, fandom with no substance.

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Guys, the Angels did get the win in extras. Modern analytics does not value the W stat for starting pitchers as highly as in the past. It is more a reflection of whole team performance. Any pitcher with a sub 3 ERA is kicking butt no matter their W-L record. Case in point is the career of the consistently nasty ace Yu Darvish who was near the MLB record for consecutive Non Decisons two years ago, giving him a lousy record. Then he pitched a little better in 2020 with better run support to end up in 2nd for the Cy Young award for best pitcher.

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Yeah, I wasn’t criticizing Ohtani. I just think the report should have stated he didn’t factor in the decision. That’s all. We are all interested if he wins or not when he pitches. My criticism, if any, is of the writer.

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Fact is, he left the game with the lead and the bullpen let him down. Two controversial balks and an inconsistent strike zone let the D’backs score two runs without a hit in his last inning. Joe Maddon has been great for Ohtani, keeping him in the game longer and pitching through difficulties. The writers like to mention the 100mph fastball, but that’s never been his most effective pitch. His breaking balls are his payoff pitch, and every bit as good as Tanaka’s. Only downside is that he strikes out a lot, more K’s than hits, and usually on breaking balls. With his quick bat, pretty hard to get a fastball by him. If he can stay off the DL, he’s going to put up some monster numbers.

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