Ohtani dominant on mound, hits go-ahead single as Angels beat Marlins 5-2


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A very rare win for the Angels!

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Ohtani is best known for his pitching and hitting, but he does everything else so incredibly well. He can lay a bunt, steal bases and hit sacrifice flies when the opportunity presents itself. He such good instincts for the game and plays first as a team player. Fun to watch.

Today he hit his 300th RBI, which means he's averaging (right now) about 100 Runs Batted In per year.

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The Angels are already irrelevant.

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Who's the better player Ichiro or Ohtani?? Easy answer but I would like to hear what others say

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kaimycahlJuly 7  11:03 pm JST

Who's the better player Ichiro or Ohtani?? Easy answer but I would like to hear what others say

Same quality,

Ichiro's first 10 years were outstanding, so at this stage I go with him if I had to choose one for a team.

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That's a really tough question and there are many variables and angles to look at. One of the big variables to look at is how far did an individual player and his team go in the World Series. In that case, Diasuke Matsuzaka and Hideki Matsui both played on World Series championship teams, with Matsui winning World Series MVP honors.

I remember watching Nolan Ryan of the Angels pitch when he came to town. We had seats right behind the Angels visiting dugout near first base, and when Nolan came out to warm up my friend and I were shouting to him for an autograph. However, he was deep in the zone at this time and ignored us even though he was just a few feet away. He went on to pitch a shutout, gave up only 3 hits the entire game. The most amazing thing, however, was how hard he was throwing. Everything, and I mean everything was 95 mph to over 100 mph the whole game. He was on fire that night. Anyway, Nolan Ryan, as good as he was, only pitched on one World Series championship team, which was early in his career and that was with the NY Mets. However, he'll always be regarded as one of the greatest pitchers because of having far more strikeouts and no-hitters than any other pitcher, and he threw so hard on every pitch. The Ryan Express was and is a good nickname for him, yet he didn't have a chance to truly shine in the World Series, just that one time early in his career. It's kind of like Dan Marino (QB for the Miami Dolphins) who was a very good QB with lots and lots of records to show for it, but not one Super Bowl ring. For example, some could argue that Marino was better than Montana, but who had more Super Bowl rings?

In a way, Ohtani and Ryan look a bit similar to me, at the moment, but that could change if the Angels luck changes. Ohtani still has time, but that all depends overall on how well the team he's on is performing.

Anyway, there are a million ways you can look at it.

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Ohtani is on his way to being a superstar.

I have seen him play, and like only a few players before him, the crowd knows when it is in the presence of greatness. At least when I saw him play, he did not disappoint.

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