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Ohtani hits 175th home run in Major League Baseball, tying Matsui for most by a Japanese-born player


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Gallo beats Ohtani. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it.

It's mid April dude.

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At this rate, Ohtani could hit upwards to between 400 to 500 home runs.

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Except for Shohei, the second worse off person from this whole fiasco is probably Ippei wife. Divorce papers is definitely being filed.

Thank goodness Shohei is now married. Let his wife keep a eye on the money instead of a friend. Friendship and money never mix well. No matter how good you are with each other, temptation is one of the biggest pitfall.

Also Shohei should switch bank and never have someone else open the account for him. That bank security is horrible lax.

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Well, everyone who doesn't like Shohei might be right. Joey Gallo is cleaning up with Washington. Compare stats. Gallo beats Ohtani. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it.

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Matsui has a ring with the greatest of MLB franchises. Ohtani will probably never be able to do THAT.

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Regardless, Ohtani’s image has been tarnished. At the very least he looks like a naive fool for allowing 16 million to disappear from his bank account. And despite the so-called investigation there are still many unanswered questions.

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he’s the only player in MLB history to achieve a World Series win(he has two!)

2 asterisk World Series wins. The 2018 Red Sox cheated and the 2020 Dodgers only played only 60 games that season. Betts has choked every postseason since.

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The guy's a monster! Amazing!

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He’s never taken questions from the media.

So? He has taken "questions" from the authorities that matter! The media is just garbage looking for excuses.

Otani has done due diligence, and if anything is guilty of being too trusting and naive!

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I wonder if Ohtani is really as nice as he appears to be. I hope it isn't true that he has thrown his former best buddy under the bus to save his career.

What have you been drinking or smoking, to come up with this one?

His "buddy" threw him under the bus, and stole 16 MILLION from Otani.

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He’s never taken questions from the media.

Well, put yourself in his shoes. You're in a foreign country where you barely speak the language. You don't know what kind of questions you will be asked. Every answer you give, even though it's the truth could be construed or mistranslated as something that could sound incriminating. There is a reason that police will tell you that you have the right to remain silent since anything you say, even though you are innocent, could be used against you in a court of law. Heck, I'm a native English speaker, and I would rather take direct questions from the federal investigators with a lawyer by my side, rather than from the media.

Also, as the DOJ has stated, Shohei has been fully cooperating with them. He has answered all questions posed to them by them (not the media), turned over all his phones, computers, tablets, texts, etc. If you read the 37-page affidavit filed by the United Stated District Court, it states that in all text messages, emails, phone calls between Shohei and Ippei, not once has gambling been mentioned; not once.


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He literally gave his mobile devices to the FBI, and they confirmed he’s done nothing wrong. It was already explained how Ippei disabled the withdrawal alerts from the bank, and how he impersonated Ohtani over the phone to confirm withdrawals with the bank.

What exactly are you unclear on?

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I don’t think he’s been transparent at all. He’s never taken questions from the media. Nobody has been able to ask him how did you not notice 16 million missing from your bank account? Why did you give your translator so much control over your finances?

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Wow! Three multi-base hits in this game. His OPS and XBH are going through the roof. He's really spotting the ball well and making good contact on it.

I hope it isn't true that he has thrown his former best buddy under the bus to save his career.

I'm pretty sure that's not true. He's been very transparent and honest throughout this process. I think many people are exhibiting confirmation bias. Just because the amount of money which Mr. Mizuhara has stolen is so huge, we think that it just seems so far-fetched that there must be some kind of conspiracy. For most of us, we don't live in that world and don't have that much money. However, I bet if you ask the top 1% of the richest people in the world, or those who do rely on people to handle all of their finances, not to mention interpret for them, I'm sure this kind of thing is not so strange. It happens. It's why even though I would like to be rich, I wouldn't want to be super-rich because the amount of scrutiny you have to have with choosing people to trust goes way up.

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Each and every homerun looks exactly like each previous homerun...why even bother watching the endless TV replays?

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I wonder if Ohtani is really as nice as he appears to be. I hope it isn't true that he has thrown his former best buddy under the bus to save his career.

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The Dodgers lost this game, but Mookie Betts, the team’s shortstop, continues to perform!

According to Fox Sports, his teammates are calling him the GOAT! Not surprising since he’s the only player in MLB history to achieve a World Series win (he has two!), MVP, Silver Slugger award, Gold Glove, and batting title.


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Anyone wanna bet that he hits 176 this year?

oh wait...........

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Shohei is raking.

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