Ohtani hits consecutive triples as Angels rout Mariners 14-1


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Two triples in a row is harder than homering twice in a row, its an impressive feat.

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The kid has only been in the majors a little over 3 years and is under 30. I'm interested to see where his career will take him. He might surpass Ichiro as the greatest Japanese ballplayer of all time.

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Just then again, he doesn't seem to have the same focus that Ichiro had to the game

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An incredible athlete.

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What's his plus-minus? (I don't understand any of the jargons, so might as well throw another one.)

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"He might surpass Ichiro as the greatest Japanese ballplayer of all time."

Not 'might'; that is a given. Suzuki moto-senshu, now seen in endless CM replays for health supplements, life insurance, etc, was nothing more than a little bunter, moving the infield...

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 was nothing more than a little bunter, moving the infield...

he was a bit more than that, his problem was he stayed with the mariners,

could have wont multiple world series if he just moved to a better team, at the beginning of his MLB career he could have played for any team he wanted

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Defensively, Ichiro is one of the best right fielders I’ve ever seen, with an amazing arm. Offensively 450 of his 3000 hits were infield hits, sometimes not even advancing on-base runners. He was an excellent base runner…better than Ohtani. Ohtani’s 7 triples leads MLB. Ichiro once had 15 triples in a season. Ichiro was a good bunter, and Ohtani can also lay down a great drag bunt. Let’s see Guerrero Jr. do that. Guerrero has one triple and only four stolen bases. No doubt, Ohtani is the MVP,

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Not 'might'; that is a given. Suzuki moto-senshu, now seen in endless CM replays for health supplements, life insurance, etc, was nothing more than a little bunter, moving the infield...

Its way too early to draw comparisons, Ohtani could easily suffer a career ending injury next year and just be remembered as that guy who had an amazing season then disappeared (which happens a lot). Or he might keep it up for a lot of seasons and build a HOF career like Ichiro, we just don’t know. Ichiro didn’t hit for power much, but he was way more than a little bunter.

That said, I’m not sure Ichiro is the greatest of all time. Sadaharu Oh and Isao Harimoto had pretty impressive careers.

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Let's not play down Ichiro too much. He holds the single season record for hits and is near the top for several career categories despite playing 9 seasons in Japan... Oh yeah and he was a 10-time Gold Glove winner.

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Vlad has better numbers across the board

Well, Ohtani’s pitching numbers are quite a bit better than Vlad’s.

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are you serious?

you seem to have completely disregarded ohtani the pitcher. Vlad is only a batter and that's it. You know of any other 100mph pitcher backup the next day as the DH? . You also disregard that ohtani has had almost zero support from his team, and is constantly walked because opposing teams know the rest of the batting lineup is mediocre. He will win mvp in a cakewalk.

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@cracaphat, when you look at Vlad’s teammates you can see why his numbers are so good. Yes, he’s a great hitter…with no speed. But the B-Jays will have 4 guys who will have more than 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. They are all getting good pitches because you can’t pitch around anyone. Ohtani is constantly being pitched around. His pitches-for-strikes is only 43 percent, 4th lowest in MLB. When Trout is back next year Ohtani will be getting more good pitches to hit. As a batter alone, not MVP numbers. But he’s a starting pitcher who has 45 homes runs and 24 steals. Being in first place isn’t everything, Cal Ripken was the MVP with the last place Orioles.

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To add to the above, Ohtani actually has better "clutch" numbers than Guerrero.

As you can see, Ohtani has out-produced Guerrero this season in every kind of situation that can be characterized as "clutch," and he's done so by a huge margin in those latter two categories. 

I think what Ohtani has done is so amazing that some people still haven't wrapped their heads around it, and want to compare only the offensive side. But even in that category it is pretty darn close.

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Ohtani is hands down the AL MVP. Vlad Jr. is a beast but he doesn't pitch nor steal bases.

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