Ohtani hits MLB-high 43rd HR as Angels beat Texas


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Babe Ruth's record is about to be broken!

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I would love to see him beat Maris' 63 if I am not mistaken. My brother taught me so much about baseball.

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No way he’s not the MVP. Even if he didn’t play another inning this season. 43 HRs, 93 RBIs, 22 steals, 9 wins, ERA below 3. Amazing season! And all for the bargain price of $3 million.

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3 Million is not pennies for most Americans.

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@shinkansen, the average salary in MLB is $4.38 million. Mike Trout’s salary this year was $37 million.

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I would love to see him beat Maris' 63 if I am not mistaken. My brother taught me so much about baseball.

It was 61 actually, but either way his home run output has slowed a bit this past month so I don’t think he has a shot at catching Maris this season.

He is still a lock for the MVP and has had one of the most impressive seasons in MLB history, but looks like he might finish at around 50 or so home runs at this pace (which is still amazing).

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Just incredible how he keeps this great season going.

He has started more games and pitched way more innings than anyone else on his team the Angels. Has the most wins (9-1) and is also easily leading the team in overall batting.

Even if he were 2 players they would both be brilliant.

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So glad to be watching baseball history being made. And he sincerely seems to be a great guy. I’d be honored to meet him one day and buy him a beer.

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Don’t throw that man a pitch that isn’t out of the zone or on the very corner. Leave it hanging under 98 mph and it’s gone.

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That man is unreal! Other than Ruth there has never been a pitcher that could also hit for power like Ohtani. He isn’t a once a generation talent, he is a once a century ball player.

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Every gameOtani & the Angels !!

Other guys are his back men of the lead singer , front man !!

But rightly say that is Otani & the Major League here in Japan !!

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I have seen him play. He is a real presence on the field. One can feel the tension in the stadium every time he takes the field.

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