Ohtani pitches 6 innings, doubles in Angels' 6-3 win over Jays


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No HR?

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What a pitcher-hitter! There hasn't been a MLB player like this for a hundred years.

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How is Otani's heroics going to change those of us whose livelihood has been greatly impacted by the virus not knowing whether we will have a roof over our heads or something in our stomachs tomorrow?

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Could you be any more of a downer? Sometimes people need something pleasurable to take their minds off their situations for a while.

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Lol, the game of the day happened at The Field of Dreams in an Iowa cornfield (yes, they built a baseball field in the cornfield............ and they came)

"MLB's Field of Dreams game ends in Hollywood fashion -- with a walk-off homer, fireworks"

Hollywood couldn't had come up with a better script

White Sox walk-off homerun reminiscent of notorious "Shoeless" Joe Jackson.......... It may not be heaven; it's Iowa

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Spectator sports are intended to get people's minds off of their problems and drudgery of daily life, and to provide escapist entertainment. Mr. Ohtani is providing that and giving baseball fans something interesting to talk about other than COVID19, climate change, and politics. Thank you for doing that!

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