Ohtani open to long-term talks with Angels in offseason


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The resurgent Mariners are a possible choice or SF.

Mariners are a team that players leave to sign bigger contracts elsewhere. Giants are a National League team which means he would have to play outfield on off days and he has always preferred playing DH on off days.

Angels need to go all in on pitching this offseason. 1-2 good starting pitcher and once again a complete bullpen overhaul. Stop wasting money on contract year position players. They are rumored to be going after high priced shortstops but I think something cheaper and familiar like Andrelton Simmons would be best.

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Otani will get a huge salary, 40 million plus, no matter where he plays after he dumps the Angels for a better team. DH would be better fit true, but NL will adopt DH next year anyway, at long last. So AL and NL regarding DH is not a differentiating factor any longer. Try to keep up with how the MLB is evolving guys, slow as it is

West Coast teams are best for Otani's Japan coverage as his agent fully understands no doubt. .

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Pitching wins championships and the Angels need some help there. The offense will be strong if they can stay healthy.

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@ GdTokyo

You deserve a World Series ring. I doubt there is one to be had with the Angels. No player deserves anything, these guys are professionals they have to earn it!! Some of the best players how have played in the MBL has never won a World Series ring. Getting to the Hall of FAME matters a ring you can buy them on Ebay!

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The Angels are a disappointing team and have been for years. They are lucky Otani picked them out of all the other MLB teams that wanted him. But now, now that he has proved his two way credentials, he needs to go to a team that can win the World Series. Nothing else matters in baseball. That team sadly in not the Angels. The resurgent Mariners are a possible choice or SF. Otherwise he needs to be in major market, not the backwater of Anaheim playing with AAA talent in some positions.

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Yeah, it’s gotta be an AL team and I just can’t see him in Boston or NY to be honest, I don’t think he would thrive in those markets for various reasons. Seattle would be a lateral move at best. It’s a tough call.

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Not going to win there. Look at Mike Trout, stuck there forever but he took the money so I feel don't sorry. Use your head: Go to a winner AND get paid.

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DONT DO IT! You had a great season on a team that had zero support. With even middling run support, you’d be at least 13-2 with a chance at a Cy Young to add to your likely MVP.

Play out your contract and make the Angels put their money where there mouth is and field a winning team.

You can then easily demand 40 million plus a year and any team in MLB is going to let you be an everyday 2- way player.

I love your attitude and sportsmanship (You cleaned off 2nd base with your batting gloves today - that’s class.), but you have x number of productive years in you, just as every professional athlete does.

You deserve a World Series ring. I doubt there is one to be had with the Angels.

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I'm not sure it's exactly true ohtani picked the Angels, rather that the Angels were one of the few teams willing to take the risk and bet on him.

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