Ohtani wins for Angels in 2-way start like none since Babe Ruth


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Running records up against the Babe, wow that is incredible. if he can get to ten plus wins and 20 plus homers he is MVP.

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I've been following his career with the Angels and am glad he's finally coming into his own. He's a superstar.

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 “If you weren’t entertained by watching him tonight, you can’t be entertained watching the game of baseball.”

Mystery solved!

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LOL no one is watching beisbol!!

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I have seen Ohtani play, and he is quite impressive. I wish him well. It must be especially hard, playing in a foreign land.

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Good for him, but until he can play an entire season injury free, consider me highly skeptical.

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No records were set in this game and he cannot be compared to Babe Ruth for another few years AT LEAST. I get that the J-bandwagon loves him and he is a fairly good two-way player but let's see him doing it consistently, year in year out and against top playoff competition before we anoint him as the second coming. It's bad enough having to listen to Angels "fans" here who know absolutely nothing about the game and don't realize Mike Trout has been the best player on the planet for the last 7 or 8 years talk about only this guy as if he is the whole team.

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