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Okada braced for 'rough ride' in China if results don't go his way


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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/ Sport unites, breaks new ground and offers hope. Okada knows that good work will be approved and recognized by all parties. Mood.

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Everybody laughs at this. But it is not impossible. When I said this to the players, they also laughed."

LOL. I can just imagine that scene in the locker room. What confidence that team has sarcasm Well anyways good luck to you Okada. It wont be easy to coach in China but if he gets results, maybe soccer fans in Hangzhou wont be so anti-Japan...ahaha....right.

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If you work with your heart you will be not troubled

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Good luck, Okada san. Wonder if there'ii ever be a Japanese manager in the English Premier League?

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a good example of the potential of sports exchange to help mend improve international relations.

it's interesting to see a chinese team taking on a japanese coach. hopefully a little meritocracy in action. just like the italian coach of the japanese national team...

of course, success may depend on what kind of a record he is able to show after a year! but it's still an encouraging scenario compared to frequent tensions flaring up.

ganbatte okada san.

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It's like the American ex-national coach taking over Egypt's national team.

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No mention of the money being thrown at Okada san - but as we all know there is some mega-coin in that China joint now. I suspect he is getting much more from this Chinese club than in his stint as Japan manager. More and more Euro stars headed to China - Anelka is on a plane there already and apparently Drogba is weighing up a massive offer. I hope Okada does really well.

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Not to mention the 4 or 5 NBA players who moved to the Chinese league and got locked into their contracts for the whole season. There were some adjustment problems but I haven't heard of anyone fleeing back to the U.S. yet.

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I don't mean any offense to Okada, but I really don't think he's all that talented a coach. Leading up to the last WC he promised to resign if the team lost to SK in friendlies and what have you, and they did. They also failed to win any other games. It was the players THEMSELVES that changed when they won the first game in the WC. Had they lost I have no doubt they would have lost the other two games as well and it'd be pretty much business as usual. Instead, fortunately, the won, and that gave them the confidence and spirit to excel, making them Asia's top team at the moment and a growing competitor world-wide (still not on par with most European and SAmerican teams, but getting there!). Okada himself said he hadn't changed one bit from the time they were losing to when they started winning, so I'm not sure what he can do for the China team. I HOPE he can improve them based on his experiences, and China becomes a more serious competitor in the future, making Asia a better group to follow.

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