Olympic cauldron for stadium in Tokyo may pose fire threat


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Errmm, Olympic cauldron with a fire. Never thought of that. Why not use one of those false paper flames..?

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LED would save electric costs.

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Olympic flame nabe pot.?

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Since when have safety laws been the concern of government-backed projects?

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Make a problem.... Another panel... squeeze more money out

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I don't see this being the last of the problem with the wooden roof.

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The wooden part is not essential just for decoration so remove the wood. The design could not be worse.

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Just saw this news on TV. It was reported that those concerned with the making of the new Olympic Stadium didn't even give a thought to the Olympic flame cauldron. Again, as has been said over and over, where did these Olympic officials come from? Are they all ding-a-lings? To plan an Olympic Stadium without a cauldron ... unbelievable ... And then when they do realize it needs a cauldron ... they don't know where to put it because the stadium will be made of wood. Jeez ...

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Typical. This committee could not organise a children's party never mind the olympics. They are inept, jingoistic - see what they did to Zaha Hadid (still owe her money!). They approved a design from their Japanese (of course) architect who stole Zaha's designs. And now this! Japan should not have been given the olympics. Their corrupt practises just can't fit in the modern world. It is all very sad and has exposed the ugly side of Japan.

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Will somebody please break ground on the new stadium and stop all this planning, discussing, reviewing. etc. etc.

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Yep, these idiots FORGOT about the flame.......................supreme incompetence!!!

I am lost for words, question is whats next they forgot to design medals WTF!!

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