Chinese swimmer Sun Yang banned for 8 years in doping case


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About time.

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Good riddance, serial doper and cheat. Fitting way for Sun to end his drug-fuelled career, not on a podium.

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Give back the gold.

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FINA needs to be fined for allowing systematic abuses. Acting like there was a translation issue was a cheap complaint. I don't believe it for a second.

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To me this is just another example of China tainting an international organisation to further its political agenda. Straight out of cold war playbook, giving propaganda more weight by diminishing the integrity of once respected institutions.

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When FINA prosecuted Sun following the incident, its tribunal panel in January 2019 merely warned Sun and cited doubts about the officials' credentials.

That was the second time Sun was accused of doping and this clearly showed FINA was trying to protect a star swimmer for its Chinese market. Well done, World Anti-Doping Agency for not giving up on going after drug cheats. FINA should be ashamed for its behavior.

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Feel sorry for the other hardworking swimmers denied gold because of this cheat.

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There was no justification for breaking the vials, unless they're trying to hide something

If there's any issue, they could've talked it out and figured out a resolution, without needing to break the vials (if it was invalid, it would've just been discarded)

Chinese officials just acting like they could do anything because they're the world's factory

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