Olympic chief says no deadline for how Tokyo Games will be organized


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Let it go, let it go athletes can't train, and Suprisingly although politicians don't get it, that's kind of the point of the Olympics. Well in a word that makes sence not their self absorbed world view.

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A deadline on how the games will be organised?

Don't IOC members know what productive work is?

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Olympic chief Thomas Bach said Wednesday, adding developments for rapid Covid-19 testing

Whoops. That automatically disqualifies Japan Mr. Bach.

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gym and athletic centres are closed around the world. Similar tone deaf speech he gave just before the athletes the world pulled the run out from under him.

IOC is not in charge and look as hopeless as Tokyo.

They need to cancel and give the insurance to Tokyo. Time to stop pretending

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Its like in Ancient Rome! Olympics every-day!

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Just end this charade already. Athletes are suspicious of international travel until a vac is widely available and dispensensed. Many nations feel the same. Shinzokun is gone, it was to be his big show. Many people I talk to just have no interest now. They say after postponing it just lost all excitement for them, and I think many here feel the same. Cancel it and hold an event celebrating doctors, nurses, first responders, and memorializing those who died. Let an international post-C19 party take its place.

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Bach is starting to show cracks, I think deep down he knows the games are becoming more of a long shot over time BUT he still wants to be paid!!

Also clear is the IOC will NOT take charge in this endeavor & is waiting for Canada or other countries to make the decision for HIM AGAIN!

Bottom line is there needs to be a STATED scenario(s) before the end of 2020 otherwise teams will simply be unable to properly coordinate logistics, hotels, transport, training, food supplies etc etc etc

So we will have a few more months of this madness it seems!

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to early for a plan, but not to early to decide that the 5-ringed circus will definitely go ahead. (⌒▽⌒)

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How about, in the light of the worldwide pandemic, IOC staff work for no wages and use Zoom instead of 5 star hotels?

they love the spirit of sport right?

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A year ahead to plan it.

There is no excuse not to go ahead with this event, that will be great for the japanese economy - mid and long term - and the world.

With audience, without audience or with limited audience.

It should go ahead either way, with the right precautions, based on evolution of the numbers.

Looking forward for the success of this event, as for some athletes this is a one life time shot - they don’t deserve their dreams to be cancelled for something that had 1.5 years to be replanned.

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I think a largely spectator free Olympics is a waste of time. Other (more popular) sports have restarted behind closed doors, but they have a loyaler audience and do not require huge injections of taxpayer money.

Japan is normally a super pro-Olympics country, so it says a lot that many Japanese are now against it going ahead.

It is disappointing for the athletes, but a lot of people have lost a lot more than them due to Covid-19.

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 ...they don’t deserve their dreams to be cancelled for something that had 1.5 years to be replanned.

People don't deserve their lives to be canceled either, but this pandemic is no fantasy horror movie, but the stark reality of a life-threatening virus that is circulating promiscuously around the world. We all must accept the new "normal" and so adjust our thinking and behavior in order to limit the spread of contagion. "Normal" life, pre-covid, is no longer possible and for the next 12 months or so we must sit this one out as mankind has always done during all the pandemics throughout history. Wars cancel Olympics and so do viruses.

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People don't deserve their lives to be canceled either, but this pandemic is no fantasy horror movie

Totally agree with you here.

However the Olympics will be good for the economy, and many businesses will benefit from it - including the one work for, that will see many more people lose their jobs - and consequently their lives to be temporarily cancelled - if this event is cancelled.

It is not only about the athletes’, it is about many jobs and businesses that will be hammered if the event does not go ahead.

While I do not agree with a full audience attending this event, unless a lot changes in one year, an event organised with empty stadiums, or limited audience would still guarantee the jobs of many thousands of people.

My point is, it is possible with adequate planning to ensure the event without any unnecessary risks, because as you mentioned, this virus is no fantasy horror movie - and we still do not know the long term effects of it - even after “fully” recovered - as many doctors I speak with are afraid of.

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How will holding the Olympics be good for the economy if there are no spectators, few athletes and officials, less TV interest in a rump Games. How will people get here, there are hardly any flights? Not to mention travel bans, no vaccine and Japan’s reluctance to test anyone. The Olympics leave a financial black hole for the hosts.

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There is no excuse not to go ahead with this event, that will be great for the japanese economy - mid and long term - and the world

Exactly: despite a global pandemic which restricts freedom of movement and assembly . a world wide recession leaving millions unemployed and an America that will be bordering on civil war after Trump calls on his supporters to revolt against an obviously rigged election. it's an excellent time to have a sports festival. Viva Los Olympy!!

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And do you all think that athletes can train properly under all these rules and regulations?

The Olympics is going to be a no show....

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