Olympic chiefs propose Brisbane as host of 2032 Summer Games


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No opinion but, does Australia even want this now, .,, or even in 10 years?

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Not that Anyone would really want the financial burden to host after viewing the IOC’s recent, relentless greed…

“The IOC's 15-strong executive board approved the Queensland city as the single candidate for election.” -

… but, does any other country still have a option to petition to host?

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Prospective cities would do themselves a favor and see what's playing out in Tokyo. The Olympics has lost its intended ideals and goals and is nothing more than a money making machine for the likes of Bach.

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Disgusting. A coup by Coates and Bach with the hell of Coe.

A money grap

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More fool the Queensland and Australian governments. Surely the fact basically no other country wants this thing would set off alarm bells? Watch the costs run into tens of billions of taxpayers dollars.

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No. Brisbane has now first refusal status and other candidates can only be allowed in if Brisbane does not meet its IOC commitments. Which it already has.

Coates has already secured enough votes from the 102 members with the help of Bach and Coe. So, it is rubberstamping from here on.

this is a worthy of a dictatorial regime. The IOC members are as relevant as a communist party member. Meaning, not at all.

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84% of the facilities that Brisbane is going to use are already built and the rest were going to be built in the next 10 years anyway so no real cost for community in doing this. In fact we could easily hold the thing next month with zero fuss and fully sold out venues.

Is going to be huge fun and pretty much everyone here is behind it so please spare us your negativity.

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Check this out

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Why anyone would ever want to host the Olympics after the shenanigans this year is beyond me.

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So who wants the Olympics hot potato?

Given the fiasco with 2020/2021, and the fact that Japan seems to be held to ransom by IOC, which country in their right mind would actually want it?

Probably China or Russia again... they wouldn't take IOC crap...

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Did someone in Queensland or Brisbane provide the traditional selection inducements to the bank accounts in Switzerland? Has there been an Olympics awarded in modern memory that did not involve large cash transfers to the members of the IOC and their families?

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Wonder how many people have just googled where Brisbane is…

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BNE kawaiso!

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