Olympic double: IOC says yes to Paris in 2024, and LA for 2028


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Rio is being investigated for bribery, President Lula has paid in cash, watches and jewelry to some IOC members to get the rights to hosting the games. I am sure soon Tokyo will be making ugly headlines too. Why LA and Paris see the Games as a "good thing"? I used to believe in the goodness of a city willingly welcoming athletes and tourists. But this is so deceiving now

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LA will gets its turn. Granted none besides LA and Paris was willing to host.

Sez much when there is zero competition.

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@Lost-in-Nagoya If Tokyo did bribe for the games the French prosecutors needs evidence, for now its just claims and no one is guilty till proven for now. I doubt Tokyo will bribe because it is clearly a better choice than other candidate cities Madrid and Istanbul who is experiencing terrorists and political violence as well as economic instability. But then again, we'll wait and see what happens. I'll believe it when there is evidence. But why are the French prosecutors in charge like they wan to be righteous people? French prosecutors are equally corrupt like the IOC and many other organizers, they take peoples money and benefits for their own interests from false accusations. France should worry about their own problems like the preparations of the 2024 games and their own security rather than other's problems. Just because Paris and LA won the right the games without competition doesn't mean they are clean too. No one is clean in terms of campaigning and should be investigated as well

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LA is used to big international events, and with 2 big sports universities (USC and UCLA) nearby

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Money that would be better spent giving those working in the emergency services and education better wages.

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Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympic Games!

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