Olympic echoes of boycott era as Ukraine vs IOC intensifies


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I don't remember any calls for a boycott in other wars like Iraq or Afghanistan.

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Given that the biggest Olympic sponsors are based in a country which is currently occupying eastern Syria in violation of international law and the UN Charter, the IOC obviously recognises that consistent application of this standard would be suicidal.

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Shut up Ukraine!

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Bach doesn't stand for anything, except money. Some issues are clearly wrong. Invading a country without provocation is wrong.

Russia has caused over 200K people to die, roughly an even number on both sides. That action cannot stand. The Russian people clearly don't value their freedoms nor will they hold their leaders responsible. The US had a terrible leader - 1 term and he was voted out.

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Why not just ban all Olympic games until the entire world is at peace?

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Let's be honest here - Russia and their puppet state Belarus bring nothing to sporting events than scandal, doping, cheating and reminders of war and terror.

If Russia is permitted to attend Paris, let them march in waving white flags.

Meanwhile, the roar for the Ukrainian athletes will go dangerously close to lifting the stadium roof off.

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