Olympic fears over London airport queues


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“The important factor is to have staff that are flexibly deployed in the right numbers at the right times''

Yes, which you are obviously failing at doing. Sort it out Heathrow! I met you ONCE, never again!

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Brian Moore, head of the Home Office’s Border Force body, said they were “fully prepared” for busy periods during the Games and had “well-rehearsed plans” in place.

But not prepared for a regular Thursday evening? I'm not looking forward to my UK holiday this year, Wonder if I can reroute to Paris/Amsterdam and drive from there?

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Heathrow has long been a nightmare for travellers... good luck to the pols sorting that out.

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Been in and out of Heathrow numerous times with no problems. I would rather a two hour wait in the name of security than have them lower it and have blood on their hands.

If people were smart, they'd fly into Gatwick! A tad further but overall, newer with the renewals and run very well.

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Seconded, tmarie;I always get in and out, with family, no probs. Usually have a laugh and a joke with the immigration bloke/blokess. "What d'ya wanna come here for?" he said, last time.

Real beer and football, of course. And friendly people..

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Immigration as Heathrow is great - and always quick with a joke and a comment. Much prefer them than the ones at the airports in Japan.

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@tmarie It WAS OK until the immigration office was accused of being lax in letting in terrorists by the government. Rules weren't being adhered to, and the government let the immigration office know what it thought of it. Now they are basically working to rule to counter the criticism and as a result, do not have enough people to man the gates to go through the full check they are mandated to do, and hence the queues. Whatever you experienced in the past is not what is happening now. It is a difficult story, as the immigration officers did a good job of using their judgement on people coming in I think, they provided a good service based on the numbers of people flowing through Heathrow. The governement though would be hung, drawn, and quartered if a terrorist passed through that filter, with the volatile press asking why the terrorists got through. There needs to be a balance, but right now, no one is talking to each other, they are just blaming each other, hence teh 5 hour delays. If you fly through right now, you might change your opinion!

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Gyouza, when is your "was"? I've been in and out more than a few times in the past few years (last being 12 months ago) and have no problems. Yes, they could use more staff - which airport couldn't? - but considering the numbers of people who pass through, the threats, the fact that the UK is a target... I think it is doing a good job. Always room for improvement of course.

Indeed, if I went now I might change my mind but then I would balance it with all my previous experiences. One horrific time doesn't mean it is broken.

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@tmarie Earlier this year in March there was a big hooha in UK about border policing. The Home Office (I think) basically accused border guards (passport control) of letting in terrorists. Then passport control identified that they don't have enough resource to do all the checks required, Home Office hit back saying "you never complained before" and we are where we are now. It is a kind of work to rule to make their point. I flew in last August and had no issues either, but I'm dreading this year.

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