Olympic gold medalist Madison Wilson hospitalized for COVID


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Wilson wrote on her Instagram account that she was “moved into hospital for further care and observation.” She said a full recovery is expected.

“I’m taking some time to rest and I’m sure I’ll be ready to bounce back in no time,” Wilson said in a post Sunday, which included a picture from her hospital bed as well as a video from her ISL teammates.

Looking at her Instagram post, she seems not too bad

Get well soon. The odds are on your side of recovering

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Getting COVID doesn't mean you cannot catch it again or get a different variant.


Some are reinfected, however, and, even if asymptomatic, can then harbour high levels of the virus in their noses and mouths, which can be passed on to others.



The Delta variant causes more infections and spreads faster than earlier forms of the virus that causes COVID-19. It might cause more severe illness than previous strains in unvaccinated people.

Vaccines continue to reduce a person’s risk of contracting the virus that cause COVID-19, including this variant.

Vaccines continue to be highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death, including against this variant.

Fully vaccinated people with breakthrough infections from this variant appear to be infectious for a shorter period.

Get vaccinated and wear masks indoors in public spaces to reduce the spread of this variant.

If we go to older information ...


“This appears to be pretty clear-cut evidence of reinfection because of sequencing and isolation of two different viruses,” says Gregory Poland, MD, an expert on vaccine development and immunology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. “The big unknown is how often is this happening,” he says.

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Strange that a 27-year-old should be in hospital for Covid in Italy but when my acquaintance, a 58-year-old in Japan was down with the virus, he stayed at home…

Maybe it helps to be a gold medallist?

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Which vaccination(s) did she have? How long ago?

Even when the vaccines work perfectly, the best are 95% effective. That means there's a 5% chance they are not effective.

I'd imagine that she would have have multiple recurrences of the illness the last 6 months had she not been vaccinated at all.

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Fully vaccinated, in hospital with covid which has hit her hard. We keep hearing these occurrences.

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