Olympic marathon could start, finish at Sapporo’s Odori Park


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Rude decision.

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Easier for security and people to

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It's just the right marathon distance to run from Odori Park to New Chitose Airport.

First three onboard get to fly to the medal ceremony in Tokyo?

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Great decision, its far too hot in Tokyo in mid summer for a marathon, what were they thinking?

I try to avoid Tokyo in summer

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Loop courses are so boring

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Rude decision.

smart safe decision


so Sapporo is pathetic now!?

Loop courses are so boring

better not attend any of the track events theyre all loop courses

I love the butthurt. guess what Tokyos not getting the Marathon LOL

now not only Tokyo can experience the Olympics

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I take it this means the taxpayer coughing up a huge amount of money to build temporary stands in the park.

It's not mentioned in the story, but this decision means they are not using Sapporo Dome. It may be the best choice. What I am questioning is anyone who thought the marathon could be moved to Sapporo without the Japanese taxpayer being on the hook for a helluva lot of money. Well into the hundreds of millions of USD.

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Really ? do you need a stadium for a one race. Just erect some temp stands down the main street of Sapporo on either side. I Like to see the race start out side the fish markets of Otaru and finish in Sapporo CBD.

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"marathon..." ... "Sapporo" ... doesn,t sound so exciting anymore, that,s the truth . but hey, still better than watching people faint or even die on live TV, am i right .

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