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Olympic officials reassure sports federations about Tokyo Games cuts


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If there's one thing you need not worry about, it's Japanese people skimping on presentation. It's critical I'm a country where form over substance rules.

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Was the budget directed to construction companies cut?

I think most of the cost increase comes from that sector, as usual

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So, here we see Japan back peddling and trying to cover their butts over all the lies they spouted in their original Olympic bid. The Tokyo Olympics will go ahead even with decreased amenities and spreading venues all over the country instead of only in Tokyo as they stated in their bid. The cost has ballooned to over three times their original estimates and they are cutting corners everywhere to try to keep the costs low. They have employed over 100,000 volunteers to make up the difference and have offered them ¥1,000 per day to cover their transportation. Then, after the Tokyo Olympics there will be a major spike in unemployment and many companies will go bust. I fear the post-Olympics Tokyo is going to be a very desperate place.

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the IOC should be paying for it, not Tokyo

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 I fear the post-Olympics Tokyo is going to be a very desperate place.

Fun fact: Taxpayers of most Olympic hosts end up with severe buyer's remorse within a year or two of the ending ceremony. The economic boost is temporary... and the debt long-standing.

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Yes but the corrupt politicians of Nagano and their buddies got their handsome cut so all worked as planned

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