Olympic scandals may cloud Sapporo 2030 bid: Tokyo Games official


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Is not 'may'. It already has. Not a lot of people in Japan is currently fond of hearing about the Olympic and it's high cost. Especially not the corporations who got screwed over by the previous one.

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It all depends on the level of corruption the IOC is prepared to accept. History suggests the bar is very low. The cloud over Sapporo's bid could be very thin and wispy.

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Hashimoto, who also served as the country's Olympic minister, said it is important to get to the bottom of the allegations as soon as possible so Sapporo can proceed in its campaign to host the 2030 event.

Drag out the investigations as long as possible so that Sapporo can't get the games.

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The Olympic swine, both foreign and domestic, can go jump in a snowbank. No one not associated with politics wants that ridiculous waste of money in Hokkaido.

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Meh I doubt it

they did the last one peak pandemic despite public not wanting to

oc repeatedly told Japan “ you cannot say no to hosting now “ like they would have militarily attacked us or something if we didn’t

no one is surprised in the effin least that the people who stood to make money off this were gaming the system

even with this they still threw up their hand for Sapporo immediately and ignored people wanting them to pass on it, again

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It will make no difference except that the bribes will have to be spread more widely to make sure that they have better political cover to stop investigations.

Hokkaido will get the games, good and hard, and nothing can stop them. Certainly nothing as easily ignored in Japan as the will of the people. The will of the people at the top is all that matters.

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One can only hope this gets Japan out of the running.

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Olympic scandals may cloud Sapporo 2030 bid

I bl##dy well hope so!

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it is important to get to the bottom of the allegations as soon as possible

The allegations don't seem to have any bottom.

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