Olympic torch relay to pass through disaster-hit areas, world heritage sites


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The one who run through Fukushima would make history on his name, would u want to be?

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The nationality and gender do not matter. Officials, candidates for the purpose of communicating political and religious messages can not participate. Torch runners must wear uniforms and travel about 200 meters per person. Unexpectedly the movement distance is short.

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Oh great, the olympic torch will miraclously make the hardship endured by those still in temp housing vanish.


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Oh wow! I guess this is the reward for Abe milking the disaster to earn a bit of sympathy towards the Japan bid! Shame people are still living in shelters, but at least they'll get to watch the hopes of others pass by!

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It would be pretty hard not to run through a world heritage site in Japan!

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Heartwarming news. All eyes in the world will be on Japan. And they will see the spirit of recovery unique to Japan. All the disaster hit regions will be booming as the eyes of the world watch on.

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Heartwarming news. Should serve as a giant middle finger to all those still struggling to survive in these disaster hit areas, while Japan wastes billions of yen on hosting an Olympics it can not afford. Thanks!

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Who's the cartoon guy on the far left in the top picture? And as for 'celebrities', shouldn't Godzilla be amongst them too?

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