Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony to be character-driven appeal for peace


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All window dressing, substance over form as ever.

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I'd love to see an Opening Ceremony theme of sharing of the vast wealth accumulated by the few to the millions of destitute around the world. How about rhat? A liitle less airy and meaningless.

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A meaningless message portrayed with childish characters. Really, is that the creative result of 'no doubt' 1000's of oyaji hours spent in numerous meetings.

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Well, the oyaji allowed the insect creatures that are the Olympic mascots to be designed by children, so there you have it...quite liked the rugby world cup father and son lions mascots, though. Just my opinion.

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Peace and Justice are two sides of the same coin. Tokyo 2020 Olympics - a fantastic platform for generating union of hearts and minds, so vital for a just and meaningful world-building.

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I wonder if the characters, whom I have no doubt will start by saying, "As the only nation to have ever suffered a nuclear attack..." will add, "but we refuse to sign a treaty to ban nuclear weapons." Probably not. Nor will they talk about Abe's push to revise the Constitution so that he can build a stronger military and spread Japan's forces throughout the world again.

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Woops form over substance not substance over form. And I was trying to sound like I was half smart as well. Darn it.

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